Placeware Nigeria Limited specializes in the implementation of cold chain management systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

Placeware Nigeria Limited offers cold chain thermal packaging qualification and transport validation, as well as logistics in regulated and controlled pharmaceuticals, biologic, and combination medical device industries.

The company integrates your quality management systems, risk management, product stability requirements and validation activities. Data gained from this can be provided on the impact of environmental hazards to quality attributes of any product.

Placeware Nigeria Limited offers product characterization, process validation, monitoring, and controls, as well as clinical trial operations.

The Cold Chain is a process that ensures that vaccines, drugs, chemicals, etc. remain at the required temperature with the manufacturer, during transportation and at the Health Centre. The Cold Chain plays a vital role in the immunization programme. The WHO has laid down rigorous tests and procedures so that the Cold Chain Equipment withstands varied usage conditions including the rough and difficult terrain.