Placeware Nigeria Limited through its wide range of network distributes efficient and High quality cold chain products from accredited world class manufacturer within and outside the shore of Nigeria to prevent life-threatening illness such as Influenza, pneumonia, bacterial meningitis, whooping cough, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, mumps, rubella and tetanus .

With a world class Ultra modern cold storage facility, our distribution and logistics system ensures that our cold chain products get to our esteemed client at their precise location, in record time and absolutely in good condition.

We are often unaware of the impact that infectious diseases can have on ourselves and our loved ones. They can put us at risk of serious illness, which can lead to death. Ongoing vaccination is a crucial cornerstone in keeping our communities healthy, especially when you consider that vaccines are often the best, if not, the only way to protect us from many serious infectious diseases at every stage of life.